My Home-Life Story

By Lainie • October 5, 2013

Hi i am Lainie. I am 15. My homelife isnt so great. I have walked into my dad doing drugs and i have been there to see my mom say that she wished i would die. My mom has pulled my hair and slammed me into a wall. My dad has hurt me so bad mentally that no one could ever understand. At school even i get made fun of when all i do is schoolwork. I don't have many friends. I cry myself to sleep almost every night. My stepmom even says that she wishes i was never my dad's daughter. I have also gotten raped, not by family but by a stranger. Me and my friend were at park swinging and talking when all of a sudden a guy comes up to us and drags us into his car. He locked all the doors and took our clothes off. I have no one to talk to or turn to so i cut. I cut for the longest time. I have scars all the way down both of my arms. I tried talking to the school counselor about it but all that they are worried about is turning it to making it all seem like my fault for everything. I regret everything that i did. I dont know what i did, but i'm sorry. I really sorry for being born. I can't help it.


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