The Importance Of Being Nice

By Sonia Kaur • March 29, 2017

Have you ever think of importance of being nice? Nobody thinks about this because we all have a myth that if we become nice then people start using us and if they use us then so what happened they are making their own karma, ignore them and be nice because you are born nice and What's wrong with being nice? You have to love, you have to forgive, you have to ready to always help etc. God has made everybody equally nice that is why all the toddlers are same.

The biggest sign of nice people are, they believe in God and fear before the Lord. God is very nice and the one who believes in him gets all the qualities of God. So for being nice one should be religious as well. God is loving, friendly without enemy, fearless, God is fearless and God abiding is fearless as well etc. God loves everybody equally so as nice people never distinguish between rich and poor, good or bad.

Firstly ask yourself are you really a nice person? Being nice and consider our self nice these are both separate things to say. Being nice means full of love and purity, you should know how to behave with people specially those who are poor, one should be full of qualities and virtues like politeness, kindness, tenderness, generous, forgiving etc and considering oneself nice is ignoring your bad qualities and keep on admire one own self without doing anything good.

The one who is nice is respected. They earn respect. Being nice is the biggest quality or God's grace.

How can we be nice? Its very simple. First bring change in your behavior with your family and people around you. I have seen many people ignoring their loved one. Taking them for granting. Being nice doesn't mean that you should go out and act like a nice person. First be nice with your nearest one then you are automatically become nice with others, unknown people.

You want to be happy then first be nice, if you want everybody to respect you then be nice, if you want peace then be nice, if you want love then be nice, be nice with your enemies, be nice selflessly etc. whatever good you want in your life then you have to be nice because you don't have other option. Life is an echo what you give is what you get. Being nice means having good thoughts because our thoughts become our word and our words become our action and our action shows our character.

You have to have a big and loving heart for being nice because it is very easy to say and hard to do. First of all you need tolerances so that you can ignore many things, forgiving nature to ignore forgive our own self and others mistakes. In the book 'Tuesdays with Moorie' Morrie's main idea within the lesson is that “you must forgive yourself first, and then forgive others.” Sometimes we make some mistakes and constantly repent on the mistake. There is no use of repent constantly, it's OK if you have done any mistake, forget it, improve it and move on, so same do with others. Forgive and forget and move on.

You are nice means you are kind to yourself first because being nice you are sowing seeds for your future then you are truly nice to others. The one who doesn't think good for himself can never be good to others. Nice people never criticize other and kind to other. Love yourself, accept yourself because you are here for some reason just like you everybody is here for some reason. So accept yourself and others as they are. Changing others means you are challenging God that he has not made us perfectly.

The big sign of nice people are they always ready to help anyhow. The pain of others they understand their own pain and they never give pain to others. Nice people always speak less and talk sweetly, they always take care to speak, never hurt anyone's heart by mistake. Kindness is a big virtue and one should be kind to everybody specially with poor people. Being nice means being kind with everyone.

Some people are silent and are considered weak because they don't believe in taking revenge or rebuff. Silence is a beauty of nice people just like charity. Being silent means you are not interested in quarrels or hurting someone. They love peace and they spread peace. “Do not take me for granted, being nice is not a matter of weakness, it is a matter of choice.” -Abhishek Tiwari.

Nice people never criticize others and never degrade others. They are full of respect for everyone and humanity is their first reason and they always have good thoughts for everybody. How come you recognize nice people? With their way of talking, with the language they use with others and at their back and the way they behave towards poor people. They are very humble and respect everybody's views. The beauty of being nice is to be kind and respect everyone i.e respect women, poor people as well, your sub-ordinates in the office, with aged people and specially to those who cannot give you anything or some of you who can't help.

Nice people never try to become nice. They are naturally nice, their actions show it. My dad had dedicated his whole life in the service of needy, He himself got betrayed but never cheated on anybody and he died with smiling face and without any stress. He left the world happily like an angel. He has become an inspiration for everybody. My dad never tried to please others whatever he did, he did selflessly. We have got a great lesson from him that being nice is very important, not only for others but for your own self as well.

I hope you guys like it. May God bless you all with spiritual healthy wealthy long life and with good Destiny.


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