God And Devil

By Amol Lanke • March 13, 2017

Its all upon your present birth deeds and fate,

Some face hell slashes, while few see the heavens gate.

God is the eternal power within self,

Humanity speaks of helping others,

Why not to lend a hand if we speak that in world we all are brothers.

To worship for hours leaving aside earthly work isn't almighty,

I feel sad for the people who in the stones seek their diety.

God doesn't tell you to garnish and dress him in flowers,

Spends that moments with a needy child and cherish those hours.

Devil is not in existence in the beautiful world of human,

Cause within us only persists the bad thinking dark demon.

At the dark night or in the corpses the spirits don't dance,

Its all your wicked deeds that in mind do the bad trance.

Devil doesn't respond to ouija chart or the occults specialist,

Its all in your mind and reflects simply your bad thinking list.

In life as other things, here your send in single choice,

Either you hear the temple melody bells or the burial ground noise.

For ages people are trying to discover god outside,

Deep inside he is spread in every nerve and our tissues wide.

Many god haters walk a mile to search the devils den,

In the end the land up facing dismay and pain.

At the Sunday mass to offer prayer and charity, are hands so many,

Some fine day help a poor, and see the wave of joy for the spent penny.

Many people attempt black magic and trouble person till he cry,

We being humans, what happens that their emotions do die?

Don't chase the worldly rat race to find god or devil,

Ensure to be good, and end up doing sins nil.

To summarise the paradox, I urge all to follow humanity,

There you win over the devil and discover your diety.

-Amol Lanke


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