Enjoy The Little Things In Life

By Gayathri M. • March 11, 2017

Whether it may be the first raindrop that touches your cheek or the brightly shining sun that replaces the stars in an orangey filled sky,peering through your bedroom window to say "Rise and Shine!", life has lots of surprises in store for us and each day is exciting.

It all depends on our perspective towards life. Life is like a roller coaster ride...some days are fabulous while others aren't so great. But a person is considered to be great when he is brave enough to get back up when life knocks him down.

The greatness of a man is not in how many times he falls, rather it is in the courage he has to get back up whenever he falls down. Our lives may appear to be small but once we explore our surroundings,we realize that there's a whole new world waiting for us to explore it! Simple things in life can bring a great change and perk us up... it may be playing with your puppy or silently observing the nature around you... they make you feel calm and ready to take the brunt of the world again.

All said and done,one thing that everyone needs is a true friend...one who is there to listen to all your stories,one who is there to pick you up whenever you fall and one is there to love you when you forget to love yourself.

The key to a true friendship might be that we need to love people without any expectations and will realize that this world is truly a wonderful place with really nice people. All that we need to do is try to be a true friend to everyone without expecting anything in return and see the change in us....

All we need to as ourselves before going to bed each night is... "How many people have smiled today because of me?"

Bringing a smile on someone's face costs nothing but gives us lots of happiness.

So start smiling and explore the beautiful world God has given each one of us!


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