To Those Who Love The Sea

By Gayathri Sreeni • February 22, 2017

One wouldn't be reading this article here without a reason.The reasons can be many, either out of curiosity,sadness or even happiness. So as you read through if any of these words could remind you of something or someone special, then remember how blessed you are.

Well there has been a number of times in our life when we have felt like giving up or so. No matter how much we say that we are really contented with what all we have, there might have been a point when everything turned out to be pointless. All that we do then is to sit and wonder or take out our hidden masks that shows the insensitive part of you. Have you ever been to this or are you "new" to this kind of feeling?

Basically we all are scared to be left out in this whole dark world where people are blind with their own contentment. So just like the dead fish, we go with the flow of the unseen world and forgets the whole beauty around. But there are few people, who give their best to others, who support and stay with you no matter whatever happens, who shows you the brighter side of everything. They are the ones just like the ocean.

Nobody owns the ocean. But it comes to you each and every time you visit, touches you and gives a sight of beauty without limits. The ocean is indeed beautiful , mysterious , free and wild. They are the ones who does everything for you without being asked for, cared for. The ones whom you rarely find among the millions of people out there.

If you are the one who found yourself lost in this dark world, don't worry.. because wherever you are just do take a moment to listen where your "ocean" calls.

Find it. Know it. Value it.

The ones who really makes a difference in what you ,are the ones who really cares.

Even if the dark "life" stuff keeps hitting you hard on the head.. be brave enough to say;

"This is what the 'adventure' is all about"

Good things are yet to happen.


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