Lifelong Learning Matters

By Glory Fu • February 22, 2017

Is it necessary to learn when we are 50s, 60s or even 70s? Most people consider when they get retired, they are supposed to be completely laidback, do something fun, or hang around. However, the truth is that learning makes us vigorous, and self-fulfilled; it’s particularly important to the elderly.

Through learning, we know how to think, how to memorize, how to ask questions and even how to interact with others. According to a study, while we are learning, “ the brain creates neural pathways” that make us smarter. In other words, our brains are active as we learn something new. The more we learn, the more new neural pathways develop in our brains.

When it comes to learning, it doesn’t mean we must load ourselves with lots of knowledge. What we need to do just learn something we like day in and day out. Don’t worry if we cannot learn well. Everyone learns from bottom to up. If we have an interest to learn, that desire will naturally push us to move forward.

As we feel worn out from learning, don’t be discouraged. Look for a partner who has the same common interest as you do. An old saying goes, “Birds of a feather fly together.” As long as we have partners to learn all together, our learning excitement will come alive again. On the contrary, if we don’t learn, and choose to distance ourselves from other, we might be getting dumb, and slow; eventually, we lose energy, and life passion. Instead of being bored, dumb, why don’t we keep learning?

Learning makes us understand how potential we are. More importantly, learning explores our life horizon, helps us build up our confidence; gradually, it leads us to a way of finding a sense of value and achievement in the process of learning journey.


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