Being Polite Is Not So Bad

By Sonia Kaur • January 21, 2017

Politeness is one of the most beautiful colour of life. It makes life beautiful. It makes you beautiful as well. Politeness comes with words and with actions. The throw of our words how we speak with others. The language we use with and for others with them and in their absence. Politeness doesn't mean doing buttering. Politeness means speaking or acting with full of love.

Politeness is a good virtue and good deed as well. I have read in a book 'Divine Virtue' why to be rude and strict while running a company when God is so polite while running world. Just think about it, so true! God is not rude with us he tolerates us and still loves us whether we love him or not. Just think of being polite and you will be.

Don't polite with people only, be polite with things as well. I love reading books and have read few days ago that love things also they will love us back. Very true. We people have a bad habit of destroying public properties. Why to destroy them? Some people use harsh behaviour with household things like doors, kitchen appliances, pen or pencil, rubbers etc. If you want to be polite than first polite with your own self, then with everybody and with everything in every situations. When you give love to things and people you will get back love for sure.

Everyone wants to be treated politely but doesn't want to treat people politely. Very few people i have seen who always speak politely. Even me also get frustrated sometime but it doesn't mean that we don't practice politeness. What one need to be polite? Only low volume voice and soft words. It is not as difficult as we think. We only need to practice. Start practising from today. When we speak polite, it does not make other feel good first you feel good.

Politeness is a good karma. What you give out eventually comes back to you. Then why to make bad karma when we love to live peaceful life. Politeness gives you pleasure whereas rudeness gives birth to anxiety, frustration, jealous, hatred etc.

Can you imagine with being polite you can avoid many problems like quarrels, health issues, stress etc. What you give is what you get. When you are polite, you are sending good vibrations which bring smile on everybody's face so obviously in return you can achieve lot of things like peaceful mind first of all, loving nature, friends, happiness, smile, respect etc. You only need to practice politeness and if it is seemed very difficult than pray to God. God is always there for us to help us to overcome our weaknesses.

“One of the greatest victories you can gain over someone is to beat him at politeness.” - Josh Billings. Suppose someone is shouting on you just reply him with politeness. It will be difficult but how long he would shout at you, at the end you win over him because the one who is polite automatically he seems to be educated, sophisticated and moreover with politeness you look beautiful also and everybody attracts towards you as you love talking with polite people. So be what you like in others.

Politeness has no religion in fact every religion teaches politeness. Being polite with people be also a charity. It costs nothing but win the heart. “Politeness is the flower of humanity.” Joseph Joubert. I think so many of you have noticed that what we feel and how we behave our face shows it. Angry people have rough faces whereas cool people have calm faces similarly polite people have smiling face. Their smiling face speaks that they are very sweet and down to earth. So just notice your own expressions when you are in the crowd or talking with someone.

Look when you are happy inside then you are automatically polite you don't need to pretend. Now the question arises how we can be happy? Happiness comes from inside. Happiness is an inside job. One need to know what and why is he doing I mean the tendency of following blindly in others footsteps. This is the main reason of unhappiness and people are frustrated, sad, anxious etc. One cannot be polite who is sad. So one must know the reason behind their happiness and follow his heart because heart knows its true happiness.

One should aware of consequence of being polite or being rude because consequences help us a lot to change. Nobody wants to lead a stressful life. My choice is to lead a happy and peaceful life and what is yours? Always remember our life depends upon on our thoughts and our thoughts becomes our words and words create our karma upon which our destiny is decided. So choice is your how you want to live????

I have read in a book 'The Power of Thoughts'. Writer has given the best way to overcome our bad habit. We must overcome anything first in our thoughts than it will automatically become our behaviour. So first check you thoughts.

I have seen many people who are careless about their language. Whenever we speak our speaking tone and language plays an important role. One should use positive words. Positive words work wonder. Be polite and self centred. Sometimes self centred also work as politeness because every time and every situation is not for worth speaking.

If you can't be polite then do one think speak slowly because when our voice is low politeness automatically enters into your language. This is the simple technique for those who find difficulty in being polite. “Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” —Jalal ad-Din Rumi. May God give me and you all strength to be polite in all the situations of life.

I hope you guys like it. May God bless you all with spiritual healthy wealthy long life and with good Destiny.


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