God Is Never Late

By Mark Cookson • January 16, 2017

In 1985 I volunteered for an outreach program to be sent out for a year with a biblical research ministry to share with people about God and teach the Word of God. I was sent to Canton, Ohio and during my time there met a woman sitting under a tree reading a book in the park. Like someone once did for me, I shared with her about God's love and how important her life was to Him and invited her to a bible fellowship the following week. She came to the fellowship and over the next months we became close friends. I was amazed later on when she shared with me that the day that I met her she had asked God to send someone to help her or she was going to commit suicide that day.

As the years passed, we stayed in touch and prayed together for various things. One last item on her prayer list was to find her daughter that she had given up for adoption when she was young and unable to provide a good life for her. We stayed faithful in believing and prayed together over the years until two years ago. She found her daughter through Facebook. The two connected and she is now part of her daughter's life.

I received a picture in the mail yesterday of her daughter's family. She is flourishing and has a young daughter and recently a new son. I look at this picture and am so blessed and humbled. Any small commitment we make to God and any love we give, it will always serve the purpose intended. God is forever faithful. I am so fortunate to have met a woman with such love and believing. It truly is beyond words.


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