15+ Strangers Helped Me Dig Through The Sand While Racing The Clock Against Sunset

By Anonymous • January 6, 2017

I was on vacation in Hawaii with my family. We were at the beach all day and at some point I took off my ring I got as a gift from my mom for graduation (beautiful, gold, inscribed, full of sentimental value) and placed it in the cup holder of a foldable chair. Beach day continues, and we pack up and go home. Once home, I realize what I've done. I realize my ring isn't on my finger. Panic ensues. You know, tears, the works.

We race back to the beach with only 20 minutes to spare before sunset. Get to the beach and locate the general area we were laying out earlier.

About 15 strangers in the area got down on their hands and knees to help my sobbing mess self search for my ring. And they helped me to the (not so bitter) end. Eventually in a stroke of luck, I find the ring. I stand up and exclaim to the group of kind strangers "Holy crap I found it". They all crowd around me so happy and congratulatory as though they had stake in this game. My tears of loss turn into tears of joy and thankfulness for the amazing effort put forth by this group of people.


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