A Great Life

By Winner Heart • December 30, 2016

Today I woke up from my sleep with everything is fine,it's a reminder that a new beginning of the day has begun, a new blessing that we are receiving without noticing, why? 'coz not every one has given a chance to wake up and fullfill their dreams...so let's all be thankful to God for his amazing love for us.

The 30th day of December has a big significance for me, it's my natal day and if I sum up all the good moments that happened this year it is all awesome..though I cannot avoid desperation but I can say it's okay now.

Though I am far from my family for now but I am glad I have good friends to share with and we treat each other just like a family..we ate at the same time and table during the night,we do teasing,and we able to share our problems and give some point of advice if needed..I have a job and good officemates, I have a new lovelife though it's not a perfect relationship but I know I was loved and I loved him as well..and the last I was able to passed the licensure exam for teachers which will give me a chance to teach in a public school soon..i am very much happy with all of this in silence and thank you God for all of this..

The sad part of the year, we lost our father.. The head of our family..he had rest now from fighting his severe aplastic anemia.. As long as I remember he suffered ulcer when I am just in grade three..starting from that we almost sold what we had since if one illness will heal there would be another which will replace until during college we find out that he had that aplastic anemia..only blood transfusion could make him survive because stem cell transplant was too expensive and risky for his age.. We all knew that his life has limit but we do what we can for us not to regret..For the last minute of his life I wasn't there to witness it only left for me was a video of his last breath..It's hard, it's painful, out of four daughters of him I am the one who is his most look alike and before his time end he requested me to come but wasn't able to be there for him..

As of now, as I was writing this..tears are coming from my eyes as I remember him for us he is our hero..he is a responsible father and husband if he would not only sick he had a dream for his daughter..He would send us to a good school and let us choose whatever course we wanted..In our case he is our inspiration..his situation let us strive for ourselves,to help each other and to live selflessly for others..

Happy birthday for myself today and have a blessed year to come for all the readers.:)


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