Team Triumphs With The Right Formula

By Dragon Boat Fan • September 27, 2013

The Filipino Dragons (Singapore) has once again ruled the SAVA Sprints International recently held at the Lower Seletar Reservoir in Singapore last 14th September 2013.

The team was able to bag medals in the following categories:


BRONZE FDS Boat-B 1.09.37

SILVER FDS Boat-A 1.08.97


GOLD 1.07.49


SILVER 1.20.37

PREMIER OPEN (20-crew)


"Keep on paddling. Enjoy these amazing dragon boat moments while you’re still young. It still feels good at 35, but do trust me, it will not be as great as when you’re paddling in your twenties. It is also better to be prepared in any competition (and start healthy) while you’re young. It is encouraged that you train and exercise more with FDS while also enjoying the happy world of dragon boating.", said Eugene Azucena, Team Captain and also the SAVA Sprints International Race Manager.

"I am very proud to have all of you, young, alert, good-natured members; to share not just dragon boat, but to share my life with. More important than being together in races is the camaraderie, the love, trust and friendships that we have formed. Yes it is a teamwork environment in FDS but it is also a family environment.", added Azucena.

Keep loving FDS; keep loving LIFE!

In his final congratulatory message to the team, he said: "I am happy, humbled and most of all overwhelmed that you put all your heart in all our heats. You still exuded a good nature even if we did not finish first in some heats. I am the proudest Team Captain not because of the amount of wins we have had recently but because of the sportsmanship and the positive attitude that all the active members have. Keep it up and continue to respect each other while also building this great and strong relationship that is professional, achievement-oriented, life-loving, and most of all supportive--characteristics that embody the values of an FDS paddler. CONGRATULATIONS!"


The Filipino Dragons (Singapore) or FDS is a group of young men and women, who are engaged in competitive dragon boat racing. Based in Singapore, the team currently has over two hundred members and is an active affiliate club of the Singapore Dragon Boat Association (SDBA) and is duly registered and recognised by the Society in Singapore under the Ministry of Home Affairs - Registry of Societies. This year, its President and Team Captain, Eugene Azucena is the Chairman of the International Dragon Boat Community of Singapore (IDBC).

Filipino Dragons (Singapore) is the first Philippine dragon boat team established in Singapore. The team was formally organized in December of 2008. On its 5th year, FDS has participated and won in a number of competitions--both local and international. The Club Crew World Championships, 1Malaysia Dragon Boat Festival, Boracay International Dragon Boat Race, and Sava Sprints International are among the most relevant to the team’s history.

Filipino Dragons Singapore is not just all about dragon boat training and competition; the team is actively in partnership with different FilCom clubs to help in charity projects, donation drives, and other socially significant activities which promote togetherness amongst Filipinos here in Singapore.

Filipino Dragons (Singapore) useful links: Visit us:; Follow us on Twitter: @filipinodragons


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