My Husband Pointed Out My Wrinkles

By Carli • December 20, 2016

My husband and I have been together for a bit over 10 years. We met when we were 16, it's no surprise that we've both changed over time. I've been noticing some winkles here and there, mainly under my eyes and eye corners. Nothing major but... it's there.

This weekend after not seeing each other for a week, my husband takes a long good stare at me. We often do this, because you know... we miss each other and it feels good just to look at the person you love. His attention was almost instantly drawn to my eyes, he looked all around them before saying "Look at that! You have wrinkles! When did this happen?"

I don't know when it happened, it kind of just did... I'm fairly sure they weren't as pronounced a couple months back. I kinda looked at him with big eyes and he just kept smiling and he kissed me before saying "it's happening, we're growing old together! This is exciting!" We both started laughing, of course.

He added that while he isn't surprised that my eyes are the first part of my face that wrinkles because I'm a happy ball of energy, he's happy because it means I'm happy and that he's proud of us.

It was refreshing to hear. Specially after all the media and articles about "how to stop wrinkles" and "how to stay young forever" which make women feel like aging is bad or something to fix. Aging is natural. Sure you can apply any cream you'd like to delay it and keep your skin hydrated, but if it happens- it's NOT a bad thing and you shouldn't feel bad about it.


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