Someone Paid For Groceries Today, And I Couldn't Stop Crying

By Mellow Bug • December 10, 2016

Things have been rough lately. Like, grocery shopping at the dollar store rough. Borrowing money from my boss to pay rent rough.

We were shopping for some little things today; burger buns, potatoes and some cheese. The last behind us had a grocery basket of food and told us to go ahead of her, because we only had a few things. After we were all rung up, she said she would pay for our items with hers.

I started to choke up, so I thanked her and we left. I don't know why it hit so hard but I sincerely was on the verge of sobbing by the time we got to my car.

But I went right back after to thank her properly. I was already in tears, and the checkout lady was still ringing her up. I asked her if I could hug her. She said yes and actually really held me. I was crying and telling her how much her gesture meant to me, and that things had been so rough.

I know there were lines of people, and I got quite a few looks. I probably looked ridiculous. Some kid hugging a stranger and sobbing her eyes out in a crowded grocery store, and thanking her. But I didn't care. I just wanted her to know how much it meant, and how badly I needed a boost like that. A reminder that there is still good, even when things feel the worst.

I promise that once I am back on my feet, I will return the favor as best as I can. I will do what she did. Hopefully, I will help someone in need. Or maybe inspire them to do the same.

Just wanted to share. This sweet old lady made my day. Made my week. Made me so happy, and emotional; when I have been so stressed, and scared.

It made me smile more than I have in what feels like a long time.


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