This Is Your Life

By C M Reddy • November 28, 2016

You have this Life

You were born for this Life

You want some people to be in your Life, but they don't

You don't want some people to be with you, but they do

You are endeavouring to come out of certain conditions of your life

But you are forced to live with them

You don't want to go outside in the Rain, but sometimes you have to

You are yearning for something to happen, but it always eludes you

You never anticipate some incidents to happen in your life, but they do occur when you are oblivious of those happenings

Sometimes you get things what you don't aspire for, but you don't get certain things what you are really looking for

You don't like some places to visit, but sometimes you have to stay there for a while

This is your Life, say welcome with the open mind

You have to avoid all the preoccupations

The Life is like a 'Flowing River' it takes all the bends and curves that you don't know

But it never stops its flow because 'flowing' is its original nature

You also flow with the Life you have which takes the unexpected turns

This is your Life, simply accept it


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