I Saw A Lovely Family Moment

By H-u-w • November 28, 2016

Yesterday I was doing some Christmas shopping and feeling a little miserable since the shopping centre was packed and I was a bit ill. I was going down an escalator and saw a man at the bottom of the escalator crouch down and spread his arms, clearly expecting his child to run into them. The child, a small toddler, did what toddlers do and failed to understand what his dad was doing, instead opting to run over to a colourful play area. The dad laughed a little embarrassedly until the toddler's mother (as I presume she was) hugged him instead, crouching down to meet him. He laughed again, standing up and lifting her into the air. I just thought this was a really nice moment between two people who clearly have a lot of love for each other and their child. It made my day, really.


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