True Colors Of Harmonies

By Jodi-Ann E.M. Morgan • September 24, 2013

Music Festival

Do you have what it takes to be apart of the music festival choir?

Are you someone who loves to sing?

Well, if you are seeking doors of opportunities for the display of your talent, come and try out! The auditions will be held on October 23 in the auditorium at 4:00 pm. BE THERE!!!

"Are you auditioning Melody?" Ebony asked looking up at the poster. Ebony was a tall slender girl with long dark hair and complementary dark brown eyes. She had smooth, olive skin that glistened under the harsh rays of the sun. Being Melody's best friend she would try very hard to motivate and encourage her.

"Girl, I will not be trying out," said Melody in a soft tone. Melody was darker in complexion with big, bold, bright eyes. She was slim and of medium height. She was dressed in a yellow t-shirt with black musical notes on it, and around her neck hung a colourful beaded chain with a drum as a pendant.

It was Melody's dream to perform on stage. Sometimes she would sit on the veranda and have her thoughts swarmed with musical notes, instruments, and choreography. She would let her mind take her away on the magical journey of theatre. Oh how she wished she could get the chance to sing, dance and act. Deep within her heart she wanted to audition more than anything.

However, a haunting memory always prevented this songbird from fulfilling her true potential. Some time ago, she received the fright of her life when asked to perform at a concert held by her church. Melody was reluctant, but was prodded by her church elders who were confident she could sing. On the platform, she stood as straight as a plumb line and as stiff as board, refusing to look into anyone's eyes. When she finally opened her mouth to sing, almost every note was off-key and you could hear the tremor in her voice. After such a disastrous display Melody left church having her spirits dampened and feeling immensely disheartened. Her heart was broken into a million pieces, each of which sank into the depths of a bottomless pit. Couldn't someone just deliver her soul from eternal devastation? She felt so angry and disappointed thinking that it was probably the first time anyone in church wanted to summon for the silence of a song. Although it was her dream to be a performer, from that moment on Melody swore she would never sing on stage ever again.

Yet, several weeks had passed and Melody's mind lived on the upcoming auditions. In fact, they were to be held tomorrow. She thought to write her name down on the list several times but unfortunately she was still consumed with fear and anxiety. She prayed for a miracle to happen so that she could attain the confidence to live out her dream.

The next day at school, she found herself in the auditorium sitting in the back row watching the students perform. The auditorium was transformed into a music hall which was accentuated with an array of exotic flowers. The words, 'Gathering Of Stars', illuminated the walls on which they hung and the parquet stage looked inviting. Occupying one corner of the stage was a variety of musical instruments that provided soothing symphonies for the soul. Suddenly, Melody heard Blaine call her name as he walked down the aisle. He then took a seat next to her stretching his arms out to give her a hug.

"I just wanted to wish you all the best in your audition," Blaine stated. Melody started to laugh, reassuring him that she didn't write her name down.

"Melody, your name is on the list," he said looking quizzically at her.

Melody was drowned in despair and felt as though her heart had stopped beating. She looked deeply into his hazel eyes and he knew she was undergoing a feeling of panic. Then, her name was called. Melody got up shakily from her seat, holding her chain tightly in her hands as if holding on for dear life. She sauntered down the aisle feeling the penetration of many eyes. She felt the rows of seats caving in on her.

When she made it on stage she held the microphone in her hands, feeling stifled by the deafening silence. Just then her mind was flooded with the terrible episode at church. She felt the platform tremble beneath her feet as though it was ready to swallow her into the ground. She wished she could just vanish into thin air. She was about to run off the stage when someone began to play the piano. It was Ebony smiling from ear to ear. Her eyes were saying, you can do this, just believe. Feeling encouraged Melody began singing, shakily at first, but then every note was sung melodiously with every word being heard perfectly. At the end, it seemed everyone was cheering her on. The stage was now her new home.

After her performance Ebony ran to her and hugged her friend tightly. She explained she was responsible for her name being on the list and hoped she wasn't mad at her. Melody told her she was not mad, in fact, she would be eternally grateful. Indeed, everyone that afternoon was surprised but no one was as surprised as Melody.


"Students, what did you think of that story? Wasn't it great that Melody finally achieved enough confidence in herself to perform?"

"Yes, Miss Melody Johnson," the students answered, giggling.


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