Just Love

By Grace Elizabeth • October 30, 2016

My story is a story of receiving unconditional love from my nursing students.

With so much going against immigrants, I wanted to share this story that blessed an immigrant like me.

I teach nursing here in the US.

I am from India, I just started working as nursing faculty in a community college in Indiana in July 2016.

As I started teaching, I was fearful that my students won't understand me as my accent was different. I thought I would never be accepted.

My thoughts were completely wrong!

Each day they encouraged me to get better. They never condemned me.

As weeks past by, my students came up with an idea to encourage this foreign teacher of theirs.

They gave me a prize for getting better with my pronunciation. ​

I was given a packet of Skittles. This truly moved my heart.

I am so thankful for my students, its not that I teach them nursing, in stead they teach me life.​

I am blessed to be a teacher to this hard working group of nursing students who work so hard to strive to be wonderful future nurses.

I just wanted to encourage any one feeling inferior, disheartened. Never give up. There is always hope.


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