The Mysterious Ways Of Fate!

By Anjali Mohapatra • October 26, 2016

Once a ferry was carrying passengers to cross a deep river. Passengers were in a hurry to reach their destination. The boat man became a little greedy looking at a good number of people. He was very happy, thinking that he would have enough money that day! So, he didn't refuse anyone to have a seat. All passengers were so impatient that they had no time to see the capacity of the boat but rode on it. The boat man unlatched the boat and started his journey.

The speedy water in the river was creating a horrible sensation among the passengers. Suddenly, on the middle of the river, the sailor felt that his boat was going to sink if the number of people would not be reduced. So, he earnestly requested a fellow to jump into the river as he was the extra one who didn't get a seat and stood in a corner.

The man politely asked,'Why me? What is my fault?'

The boat man responding his question explained that if he would not jump, then all the passengers would die because of excess weight in the boat!

The man thought for a while! He couldn't appreciate the idea of becoming a cause of death of so many innocent lives. So he decided to sacrifice his own life for the sake of others! Without any further delay, he jumped off!

After that, what happened was unbelievable! He jumped into the water and struggled for his survival. Few minutes later, when he looked back, he couldn't see either a trace of the sailor or the boat! The boat with all the passengers were simply vanished! However, with much difficulty, he reached at the other end of the river.

Ironically, he was the only survivor!!! The moment he jumped off, the whole boat sank in the water including the sailor and all of them died then and there! He just remembered the words uttered by the sailor 'all will die because of you, unless you jump'!

This is called 'Fate'. He was destined to live. Perhaps, that's why he was requested to jump not anybody else. Isn't it mysterious, the intricate workings of fate? We can't really figure out the ways of the supreme power we all believe in. This story was told to me by my mother many years ago and I still puzzle over how powerful and enigmatic 'fate' is.


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