God Almighty Is Truly Good All The Time!

By Andrei Isayeu • September 28, 2016


This is Andrei Isayeu.

I want to share my Testimony about how God Saved my life while I got involved into a very serious accident!!!!

God Almighty is Truly Good all the time!!!!

It happened September 18, 2016 on Sunday at 1:45 pm when I was driving from Church to have a fellowship with youth, friends and guests in the restaurant.

While I was driving on route 671 located near Grottoes, Virginia I haven't noticed that a vehicle suddenly stopped ahead of me about 2 seconds or so, and to avoid hitting the back of the car I turned right and I ended up hitting back of the car and went off the road beside the woods.

I want to thank God Almighty for His Unconditional Love, Mercy and Protection over me and my life!!!! All Glory I give to God alone because He Truly deserves it all!!!!


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