Dear Me...

By Leganost • September 19, 2016

Dear Me,

Right now you're probably sitting alone wondering how life go to be this way. You're probably wondering how you got here. Well I may not know the answers to those questions, but I do know that you went through too much to feel sorry now. You may have had a rough time in school and you may have hated life more often than not, but guess what? You're here now. All that stuff that made you feel like you weren't worth it and wouldn't amount to anything? It's nothing now. You made it through, you overcame it all. No one else. You. Whatever you're dealing with right now is the same way. You might not be happy. You might think that you're watching your life's reruns, but at no point is it ever okay to give up. You never did before, so why start now? You've come too far and hurt too much to quit now. The only thing holding you back from whatever you want is yourself. Get up. Do what you need to do, no point in putting it off. You're a success already, you just have to realize it. I believe in you.

You've got this.

Sincerely, You


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