The Young Man In A Blue Shirt

By Sami • August 29, 2016

Me and my daughter just popped to our local Spar in Twydall Gillingham to get some snack food for our film day. As usual my daughter helped me by pushing the trolley, placing our shopping on the counter, packing it in the bag for me and using my bank card to pay as I couldn't reach the card machine, just a normal trip to the shops apart from one thing was different for us today!

We went to leave and a young man in a blue shirt with brown hair stopped us, he spoke to my daughter and asked me if it's ok if he can buy her some sweets for being so helpful and caring, my daughter chose a sweet and he went to pay, he saw another bag of sweets he thought my daughter would like and asked me if she's allowed to have them to. Needless to say that it was hard for me to hold in my tears as I was welling up at how much kindness he had shown us both.

Me and my daughter thanked him but he didn't want to be thanked as he left the store he said 'please don't thank me, if the world had a few more kind people it would be a much better place to live.'

I'm still so shocked at the kindness this man has shown us. Not only did he take his time to stop and see how much my 7-year-old daughter helps me but he also taught her a very valuable lesson, if you're kind to others then others will be kind back!

My daughter helps me in so many ways since I have been in my wheelchair, she is my rock and without her I'd be lost. She keeps me going in my darkest of days with just her smile, she lights up my entire world. I try to give my daughter the best childhood I can and she does have that but things will always be a little different from her friends. My daughter just takes it all in stride. Young carers are amazing children and at times their hard work goes unnoticed. For a member of the public doing his shopping just as we were and to notice my daughters hard work at a simple shopping trip really made her day.

If this does manage to reach you then from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you, your words are right, if only more people in this world were as kind as you then it would be a much better place to live.

From me and my daughter,

Thank you.


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