What Is Difficulty?

By C M Reddy • August 16, 2016

"Getting hurt or feeling difficulty is not something caused by external reasons, it is sheer internal contemplation of the things we perceive in the daily life"

The normal observation of our surroundings be it weather changes or words and actions of other people generate the response or reaction in us. Some people feel difficulty to go out in the rain, on the contrary some of us love the raining, we take joy in walking and dancing. Similarly the words and actions of others, if someone point out our errors or mistakes we get irritated, but the person whom we love make similar comments we take them seriously and go for deep introspection, later on the available possibilities we make corrections to our personalities.

So it is the love and affinities or reluctance and rejection for certain things and persons, our emotions of joy and distress lied. It is our "Mind"and it's perceptions manifest all the negative and positive feelings.

Another daily experience is that, when someone uses a four wheeler for commuting, if it get struck in the middle of the road and he is offered a two wheeler to ride it is a difficulty for him that he never expect to happen. Also the person riding on a motorbike, when it is punctured and having the only choice of walking towards their home is a great difficulty he could come across. Lastly a person walking on his or her legs get hurt their limbs on the midway of their journey, the least expected for anyone, what kind of pain they have to undergo. This is just how people in different social strata encounter such inconveniences in their daily life. The people in upper circles feel the discomfort in the lifestyles of lower circles. What makes the difference is "perception and responding mode of our mind" to various physical and emotional conditions.

In other cases, when our life goes on smoothly, even a small disturbance at our home or work place appear as big trouble about which we crack our head day and night. If another difficulty about losing the money or job would replace the earlier as huge difficulty that we could not overcome ever in our lifetime. But if our health severely under a risk or death of one of the family member would certainly throw us into the abyss. So one trouble with great intensity surpass the other with less impact on our lives. We have to endure all with the same strength and confidence.

Sometimes the given condition when we are in happy mood, all the world around us looks very beautiful like a heaven, the next day when we are in a despair or sorrow, the same world appear discouraging and paining like a hell. Where the disparity lies? It is in our mind. It is the main culprit that creates all the duality which draws us to oscillating between positive and negative thoughts.

What is the remedy for a steady and unperturbed lifestyle? Accept the both negative and positive physical or emotional surroundings with equal status of mind. Go beyond the mind activities where you can find the intellect that teaches how to overcome or accept certain difficulties with equal inner strength and capacity. Even beyond that you can find the pure consciousness that is soul which can not be disturbed by these external dualities, that is "Oneness" the oneness with God where the ultimate bliss ever flows into.


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