Mala - The Tale Of A Knot

By Kimsy Nistika Rutah • August 12, 2016

"Dupatta- The tale of a knot" is a story of such an inspiring woman whose life is a see-saw of happiness and sorrows. Born in the north-west of Mauritius carved by the flora and fauna of the mother-earth was that little girl who first saw the world in the years 1970s. Born in a poor family with meagre money but lots of happiness was that chubbly bubbly little girl who was given the name of Mala. Years seemed to pass by swiftly, life changed and all these seemed to happen in the blink of the eyes. Soon this little girl was seen grown up as the eldest sister of two cute and adorable brothers whom she cared and loved as a mother. Surrounded by life ongoing difficulties, Mala had to leave her schooling in the years of 1983s and she started earning a living.

Were those little tender hands and feet aware of the picture of fatigue and disharmony awaiting her? The answer is an absolute No. Off she went to make both ends work for the family. Maybe we can say just like that candle in the dark night which burns itself to light up the life of others. Married with the love of her life, near the heart of Mauritius was Mala who left her family with tears in the eyes. Tears which could either be those of sadness to leave her family or that of inner-happiness of stepping into a new life where the eyes awaits a bed of roses with one’s husband. Soon two years elapsed with Mala enjoying and adjusting with the ups and downs of her married life.

Then came the most awaiting moment of Mala life where added to the family cocoon was an innocent life nurturing in her womb. A quiet and innocent soul who added a mesmerizing essence and flavour in the couple life. 29 November 1992 was the day where wrapped in a package of love and innocence was the birth of the eldest daughter of Mala, Sham who complemented her with the bliss moment of being a mother. Days, Weeks, Months and years elapsed rapidly leaving behind a plethora of memories.

In about 10 years’ time, Mala was already a proud and blessed mother of three adorable daughters which she named as Sham, Kim and Twin. A mother who nurtured since very tender age the best of qualities that she could instill in her children. A mother who has lived her unsuccessful and incomplete dreams through the vivid success of her children. Or we can say a mother who is a living epitome of love and ultimate care in this world which is a mostly a picture of distrust and disharmony.

Mala is now a lady having a salt and pepper hair, small sunken eyes and a few wrinkles starting to appear in the face. Yet she has a smile emblazoned on her face, a smile of satisfaction on seeing her three grown up girls of hers. Maybe because somewhere she knows her dreams is being incredibly fulfilled.

One fine moonlight night with the moonbeam filtering through the curtains of Mala room, found was that old haggard lady lying peacefully on her bed. She calls upon her three daughters near her and handles to them her favorite multicolored "Dupatta". She then asks each of them to make a very mighty knot with the "Dupatta". Lying beside was the incredible mother with a scorn smile who managed to hide her mien. After the three knots were made, the mother makes a garland with the "Dupatta". The daughters were found sitting in a circle around their mother waiting for her next step. A silent yet doubtful moment was reigning in the room. Mala broke the prolonged silence by saying in a deep voice "What you see in my hands is not merely my favorite "Dupatta" but lies in it is the mightiest truth of my life. Each knot in that symbolizes my three amazing daughters who have allowed the motherhood inside me being born for which I always feel proud of. My three daughters who never made me feel the urge of having a son in this sexual discrimination family circle. All three of you have tied the knot with all your strength and this is what makes up my inner strength-an unbreakable bond. However mind boggling or heart breaking might be the turns of life, my children, never shall this knot be loosen up. This is the utterly promise that this mother asks you for."

With moist eyes, Mala put forward her shaking hand holding the "Dupatta". Found on that were the three numb hands of her daughters with tears rolling down their cheeks. Mala slowly smiled at her daughters as life slowly ebbed from her eyes. The light was fading from her eyes, her hands growing cold and off she fell asleep in the cradle of death leaving behind a "Dupatta" with a plethora of memories. A "Dupatta" which propagates a feeling of her omnipresence and togetherness to the apple of her eyes-her daughters.


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