Perspective's Value

By Richest Poor Boy • July 18, 2016

When I was growing up, my family was poor enough that (as my dad described it) when I was 7, we had borrowed from every possible person in myhome town, sold our valuables, and so on, just to stay afloat as my parents were both unemployed. When My dad finally got a hold of a job as a janitor, my mother started working as well. Finally after we had gotten on our feet and were comfortably living. She became a stay at home mom. At the time our total income for my parents and my brother and I, was roughly 23k a year. That's not enough to have a maid serve you lobster in the halls of a mansion. But it is enough to see a loving parent present you with a home cooked meal and nothing but love in their hearts. Now. As I get ready to turn 18 in late august, I have a father and a brother. I wondered to myself why I didn't grow up as many of my friends did. With depression, suicidal thoughts, and so on. It wasn't because I found a religion, or that I started getting wealthier.

I was given a home. Not only that, but I was given parents who loved me unconditionally and would give anything for my happiness. I knew that when I went home and closed the door behind me. I KNEW my dad was in his room sleeping (working graveyard is a pain), and my mom was making sure I came home to a meal, a smile, and open ears.

Parents. Love your children. Provide for them. Let them know that their problems are your problems and that you accept them no matter what

Children. Love your parents, help them. and most of all, appreciate them. If you're reading this, that probably means in less than a decade you won't come home from school every day to see their smiling faces or loving embrace.


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