Pokemon Go And My Daughter

By HPock • July 17, 2016

I'll preface this with a little background:

30 year old single father to an absolutely amazing (almost) 4 year old daughter.

I grew up watching the Pokémon cartoons, playing Red and Blue, and to a lesser extent the card game.

A couple months ago I introduced my daughter to the cartoon (via Netflix). She instantly fell in love. She now has a collection of Pokémon stuffed animals. She does battles with them and even knows a couple of their moves, all their names, and even what type they are.

Fast forward to Pokémon Go. I download it to see what all the buzz was about. I honestly didn't think it would be nearly as fun as it is but i was wrong.

My daughter absolutely loves the game. We'll go on long walks together to catch Pokémon. The look on her face when she catches one is absolutely priceless. She shouts "I got one!" Hands in the air and everything. She is absolutely ecstatic! Her enthusiasm and passion for this is simply amazing.

I don't always feel like the best father but seeing her so happy and being able to bond with her over this melts my heart.

I know a lot of older people catch flak for playing this game but as long as my daughter enjoys it I'll keep playing.


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