When It's Cloudy

By Joseph J. Mazzella • July 6, 2016

It was a glorious, sunny day. The purple clouds of the morning had given way to golden sunshine that kissed the world with its warmth. Birds were singing in the trees even though Spring was still a few weeks away. The breeze was fresh and clean and just being outside filled me with joy. It was one of those special reward days we get from time to time when both the weather and the world seemed right. I took some extra time walking my dog and talking to God. I thanked Him for the day. I thanked Him for my life. I offered Him the rest of my time here to share His love, shine His light, and spread His truth.

As I walked along too I kept my eyes open for the first Daffodil, Tulip, or Dandelion to pop its head through the soil. I knew it was only a matter of time before the lengthening days and warming sunshine awakened them all. It would be such a delight seeing them stretch toward the sun and share their beauty with the world once again.

After a while I kicked off my shoes and walked barefoot on the cool grass. I looked once again at the sun shining down on us all. At that moment, however, I realized something. While I have always been the happiest when the sunny days of life blessed me with their goodness, I have grown the most when it’s cloudy. Maybe that is why God gives us clouds and rain as well as sunshine in this world. Our joy may be easier when the sunlight of blessings fills our days, but our love grows the most when the clouds block the light.

The next time the clouds of life cover the sunshine above don’t despair. Turn to the light that always shines: the light of God’s love within us. Let your own love and faith grow stronger. Use what you learn to be better and to help others as well. Life is full of both sunshine and clouds but the light within us can never be covered unless we let it.


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