Making Your Day Better

By C M Reddy • July 5, 2016

Each and Every day starts in a natural mode, but making the day better or worse lies in our hands. Some people have wrong perception, "all things happen according to our fate". Right from the wake up to till going to bed, the misery or joy depends on how you perceive things around and how you react with them.

This is my day to day observation that it is very easy to write or give life improvement theories, but when it comes to the practicing of the same it's very hard to framing and controlling of our thoughts. When I get surrounded by people who talk only for the self benefits and seeking the material advantages and when I am in no condition of fulfilling their aspirations, there is friction, conflict and animosity. This kind of scenarios take away all the peace I have since morning. So I have learnt to see the things from their perspective, I have learnt to understand them more and convince myself that they quarrel or make wrangling because of not getting things done from me. This has given more peaceful mind and I couldn't spoil my day further.

"The choice is with us whether to end our day in a feeble whimper or end with a bang"

The following are some of the aspects, we cross over and demand our response and reactions

The anxiety of getting quick results from a work which involves many people and many natural factors, if the outcome is against to our anticipation the rest of the day would not be encouraging. So make flawless efforts and let all the natural phenomenon happen in its own course

In the present societies where many of the people guided by their own interests, treat them as they are. Don't try to teach or convert to follow your ideal path. They are coming to you because they anticipate or seek something you are endowed with. Don't take all their misgivings straight into your heart. Be complacent.

Generally you schedule your day with various programmes as you desire. Some will be finished on expected lines and some will be in pending. Please be content with what you have achieved that day, make strategies to finish the pending without disappointed.

Make prioritisation in every activity or work you have taken or in any given conditions. First you as individual could grow or improve from the present status, next your family whether the activity is beneficial to it or not, later your profession or business and lastly the society you live in.

The wonderful technique to be always happy or peaceful at end of the day is 'renunciation' When you expect the fruits always for any work or action, if you could not find the desired results you will become depressed or discouraged. Please do or work intensely that you love very much to do like that without any association with the outcome, you will be free. Sooner or later you will enjoy the fruits of that work, hard work never goes waste.

Always do or act with confidence, commitment and courage no matter what others think or do. Don't lose strength when something happens against your expectations, wait for the next opportunity and have patience. Every day will end with joy and happiness provided how you make the choice.


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