Jesus Creates Miracles

By Veloshani • June 25, 2016

My Testimony...

Keegan and I are soul mates. We had a beautiful wedding and a very happy life. The most awaited time arrived and

We had our first boy , a gorgeous little soldier. After 9 hours I was given the horrible news that every mother dreaded, My little boy passed on. Our life reached a full stop. After a while, with the help of friends and family we started our life again.

After two years I gave birth to a little girl. Now we felt that there was a reason to live. The fear of history repeating itself kept playing in my mind. Her name was Rivona Riya and she was a little bundle of Love. Baby Riya had to spend a few weeks in NICU as she was born preemie. Every night as I would close my eyes the horrible pictures would keep running through my mind. Sadly two weeks later my fear manifested and our little girl was called to rest. I cannot explain what we went through.

All we longed for was a child to complete our perfect family.

A few months later I found out that I was pregnant again. This was not planned or expected. This time we realised that we needed to do something. I was admitted for 110 days at St Augustine's hospital in Durban. It was during this period of time that I gave Jesus a chance to be in my life. I gave my body mind and soul to Him. This time although I stayed alone in a single hospital room I surprisingly had no fear for the future. The bible states that He would never leave nor forsake you and I took that verse to heart. I believed that He would come. After 110 days my blessed son was born. James Cowan Moodley. Baby stayed in the NICU for 98 days. He had the same condition as the other two but this time we had Jesus. During those 98 days all I would do is sit next to his crib and read the bible to him. Eventually after 98 days he was discharged from hospital.

I can firmly say that James Cowan Moodley has been completely healed in the name of Jesus. He no longer has the condition. Today we celebrate Our victory for the battle that the Lord has fought. My gift to James is to spread my testimony to as many people as possible. This is for people to believe that Jesus Creates Miracles but you need to believe the He will be there without a doubt.

Happy Birthday to our beautiful Son James Cowan Moodley. We love you with all our heart.Thank you To family and friends for the support and love. To those reading this post please share with all as this is one more miracle to prove that Jesus will hold your hand if you allow him to.


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