Peace Of Mind

By C M Reddy • June 25, 2016

Attaining the Peace of Mind is a great task in our day to day life. The path that drives to the destiny of Peace is becoming more gloomy because of our hectic lifestyle.

The transformation of human life styles from sedentary to fast moving professional careers that led to the vicissitudes is the main reason to snatch away the reminiscent of peace ultimately from our minds.

Someone has rightly said, " We are now living in the world where wifi is more abundant than water for drinking". All our traditional methods of relaxations like spending quality time with family and friends, listening to soul stirring voice of music and playing an upbeat sports have been replaced by gluing to television, browsing internet and interacting in social media like WhatsApp and Facebook.

Achieving the Peace of Mind is absolutely an inside job where fluttering of all our thoughts make the mind like a turbulent ocean, this turbulence is due to the strong winds of thoughts that blows across the mind and to make it quiet the winds of thoughts must be diverted. The mind is to be allowed for some time to regain its calmness and it can be possible through meditation.

To describe it in a beautiful way there is a short story of Lord Buddha. Once Lord Buddha was travelling with his disciples, the journey was so tedious and Buddha wanted to take a respite. He paused for a while, asked one of his disciples to bring the water from a nearby lake. He went there and found that all the water in that lake appeared to be muddy because of the swimming by the children and crossing of a bullocks cart through the lake. The disciple returned with disappointment and explained the circumstances. Lord waited for half an hour and again sent the disciple to bring water, this time he found very clear water and it was taken to quench the thirst of his Guru. Buddha asked the difference in the qualities he found in the same water at different times. The original nature of the water is to be in pure state , but we make it muddy or dirty with our routine activities. If is allowed for some time without disturbed, it revives to its natural quality. Same is the case with our mind.

The inherent, natural quality of human mind is serenity and to stay at calmness, but we make it perturbed and restless with our ceaseless thoughts. If it is permitted for a while by warding off all the flickering thoughts and focused on any blankness or image of God, it regain its original quality that is 'Peace'

The anxiety to accomplish our daily tasks put our minds at a constant restless state. So take a break from your routine busy life and allow your mind to wipe out gradually all the unwarranted thoughts, the absolute peace would pour down on your personality.


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