Mama's Angels

By Sami • June 16, 2016

Mama was in a nursing home a victim of Alzhelmer's. I remember a time before the Alzheimer's had taken a firm grip on Mama's mind when she told me that she ask two things of God. One,that he would take her before she forgot any of her children and two, that she would go before losing a child.

Mama did pretty well in the nursing home, enjoying activities and even being given little jobs to do to make her feel she was back working as an RN again, and especially the church services. You see, Mama had been a Christian for many years and once she was "hooked" she was "hooked." One day an elderly gentleman using a walker wandered into Mama's room by mistake and being very feeble had a problem turning his walker around when he realized he was in the wrong room. Mama, as was typical was trying to help him turn his walker when she suddenly tripped on the leg of the walker making her fall. One of the staff heard the ruckus and came running down the hall. Mama was helped up but was in agony. X-rays showed she had broken a small bone in her back next to her spine. It would heal with bed rest but excessive bed rest for the elderly is not good. Mama couldn't even turn over by her self because of the pain. Eventually with the lack of moving around her lungs filled with flui! d and she got pneumonia. She came really close to dying from the pneumonia and it took 3 months and a lot of antibiotics before the pneumonia finally cleared up. Unfortunately the antibiotics caused another problem. That problem was C-Diff. She lost her appetite so she was put on some meds to build her appetite which caused horrible diarrhea. Clear up one thing and something else would go wrong.

Mama's doctor called me one day at work, about the fourth month after her fall and told me that Mama had two days because her body was shutting down. He said call the family quick because most of them lived far away. . We sat by Mama day and night, catnapping a few minutes at a time. Mama was in a semi-coma and no longer talked. The night before Mama passed away the next morning, she suddenly opened her eyes. Her eyes were so bright and clear it was like looking at a different person. She turned her head and looked straight at me and smiled a smile so beautiful that I started crying. I said "Hi Mama" but she never said a word and soon was out of it again. About 2 hours later my husband suddenly jerked and moved his chair back and was on full alert. I was looking curiously at him but he kept his eyes riveted on the bed. Maybe an hour after that he ask me to come out in the hall with him. He was so shook that he could barely speak. He said he witnessed an angel by Mama's ! bed. He said the angel seemed to be pulling the covers up but it was hard to tell because the angel was white and the blanket was white. He said the angel had form but at the same time was like a mist until suddenly it was gone.

The next morning shortly after sunrise Mama lost the last thread of life. Later that day after the funeral home came for Mama we went to the funeral home to make arrangements. My sister-in-law was waiting for me. She was crying so hard that I became alarmed. She said before we go in there I need to tell you something. We went into a small room and she proceeded to tell me why she was crying. She said at the very moment that Mama took her last breath she saw two angels. One on each side of her bed. She said it was like they were at attention with wing tips touching across Mama's bed. As Mama drew her last breath one of the angels leaned down and folded her in his wings, like in a hug. and the angels vanished.

My sister-in-law was an atheist. The key word is ""WAS"". What she witnessed woke her to the realization that she witnessed something otherworldly. So there had to be a higher power just like Mama had been telling her


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