Divine Love

By Sonia Kaur • June 16, 2016

God's love is true love.

Saint Augustine says the only one who can love you truly and fully is God, because love with a human only allows for flaws such as “jealousy, suspicion, fear, anger, and contention.”

Divine love is not demanding. It is a beautiful feeling which completes you accept you as you are without any complaint. When you feel the same love for god you feel like completed full of happiness and joy. A beautiful feeling beyond expression. It is something like soothing. It is satisfaction. It is happiness like a hungry has got food to eat. It is something like joy when a mother sees his baby right after birth. It is something like you want to give up everything for your loved one. It is something which brings a smile on your face without any reason. It is something when you forget everything and remember only your beloved God. God's love has no limits. I still haven't words to express god's love.

God is the only one who accept us as we are. No complaints, no barriers between god and us. God doesn't expect anything from us he only gives us. Just watch yourself from head to feet and see the blessings of god. These are only external blessing. Do you know why God has given us heart??? Because heart is the best place in our body in which God dwells as love, compassion, generosity, brotherhood.

I have asked a question to a group of people. What is divine love? One answer touched my heart and that is "Mother Love". So very true mother love is infinite for her children. That is why mother is called second God. She gives us her precious years of her life in raising us up. Sacrifice his wishes, spend so many sleepless nights without realising. By the time baby turned into adolescent then in man but mother love and care still remains the same. She makes every possible sacrifice to raise her children. Bearing pain during giving birth, forget her own self for her children, fulfil every wish of her child how hard it might be. That is why mother is a living God.

When a person fall in love the very first commitment he makes that "I will always be with your side" though he would be not of his words but he makes false commitments to show that he loves you so much and as time passes love start fading. Now see God is always with us wherever we go he goes with us, night and day, sleeping or awakeing, laughing or crying, happy or sad he always keeps an eye on us. This is true love. True love never fades and so divine love. At the time of need when nobody comes or couldn't come but god always comes in any way. He keeps his promise. God fullfil our needs before asking. He gives us the best out of the world. He grants all are wishes. Moreover divine love never change though we change with him. He always forgives our all mistakes because he has a big heart in which whole world exits. He is never partial. He protects us. Divine love is infinite equally for all.

Have you seen yourself carefully? How beautifully God has made us and all are equally body parts no less no more. Two eyes, two ears, two hands, two feet, one mouth with teeths etc. Just imagine if one finger of a hand was missing we wouldn't be able to work, or one thumb or finger missing of our foot how difficult it would be to walk. Just imagine if we had three eyes beside of two how ugly we would be. God is perfect that is why his creation is perfect. We all are perfect because God has made us with infinite love. Everybody is given some talent nobody is left behind. We ourself put us into inferiority complex because we find other person superior than us. In reality we all are same and beautiful. Some are good in studies than other is good in sports, some are more beautiful than other is more fortunate. Everybody is given something good so that they can exist in the world equally and equally respected. Divine love is so powerful that it can change a person as a whole.

How and when we realise divine love? When a person is in pain and nobody is there for us or he is fighting in between life and death. When a person surrounded by family, friends, relatives but still nobody can do nothing for him, then only God is seen only for help then a person first realise divine love. This is the beginning of divine love. My spritual guru says that to whom we remember daily we start falling in love with him so it with God. Remembering him in prayers means inviting him into our life.

Animals and birds don't work or earn for their livelihood then who is feeding them. GOD. God is feeding them this is divine love, we are randomly making mistakes and God randomly forgiving us. Why? Because he loves us. We personally as a human being always give there from where we get back but God is continuesly giving us fullfiling our desire without expectations. This is his DIVINE LOVE.

Sometimes in life we have to face hard days and loneliness. We keep on blaming God. Why did you do this why did you do that? God only loves that's it. Everything is done with us because of our past Karmas. But still God is ready to forgive and why not he loves us so much.

God has only one religion and that is humanity. Sometime some pain comes into our life to teach us a lesson. 'LESSON OF HUMANITY' because humanity is the first religion for all of us. If you want to love God and wanna be like a God then do every single thing what God does with us, fulfil everybody's need. I.e feed a poor, forgive all, plant a tree so that it would give shelter to the travellers, feed and love animal, keep water and food for birds, love your family, relatives and friends, respect elders. Be a living god for someone. God is love so love everything and be thankful always.

How can we make God happy? By sharing, loving his creations, helping the poor and needy, maintaining his nature. The same love of divine we get from our mother that is why mother is called second God.

I have seen many people who belive that there is no god, no divine love. The reason behind this according to me that they haven't seen problems so that is why they don't need God or some of them wishes might not be granted. There is a vast difference between desire and need. Desire is what we want and need is our necessity. Like air to breath is our necessity, luxurious car is our desire, wife and family is our need and beautiful girl friend is our desire, house is our need but bunglow is desire , money is our need but in abundance is our desire etc. Think, God has fulfilled our all needs without asking, this is an evidence of Divine love. Ok now tell me honestly, Is every relation in our life for selfish motto. If people treating us like this how will we take God as ATM machine, how would you feel? Answer is DESPERATE.

You know guys god is so great his love is infinite you cannot measure, if you try, simply you are wasting your time. Sometimes God doesn't grant our wish we get upset. This is wrong sometimes we don't know but unknowingly we are demanding disaster for us. We don't know our future but God knows. So don't get upset. Everything will come in right time. If same thing doesn't come a better option will coming. I am not saying don't demand. Demand but don't compel. God is so great he knows what is better and which time is better. TRUST GOD. he is our best friend, well wisher.

Love you all and May God bless you healthy, wealthy long life and with good destiny.....


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