A Beautiful Woman Of 93 Years Said Goodbye To Her Husband Of 73 Years Today

By Hakubaikou • June 15, 2016

I just felt like the world should share in a little piece of this amazing lady who I'm blessed to call my granny. She held his hand as he died peaceully, and cracked jokes with him during his final hours about how she always ended up being his personal heater. She grinned at the funeral with dry eyes, applauding every eulogy, in a new outfit she'd bought for herself for the occasion. Then they played the song he'd performed for her on their 70th wedding anniversary - 'your old wedding ring'. She wept and everyone's hearts broke. Then she went home and started teaching herself how to use an ipad so she can listen to it everyday. I will never not cry when i think about it. But I'll also never stop being in awe of her heart.


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