Give Blood And Save Life

By C M Reddy • June 14, 2016

Today July 14th I am so much inspired and learnt a precious lesson on the eve of the "International day for Blood Donors." I was invited today for a felicitation of special persons who are not so popular, yet ordinary and simple, but made immense contribution to humanity by donating their blood several times to save many lives at the edge of death.

The Noble laureate Mr Stainer's birthday is being celebrated as International Blood Donors day. Though many a times this day passed unnoticed unlike some of the Popular International days, we have to pause a while from our routine thinking and give a serious thought for the blood donation to the needy people.

"Giving" is one of the most effective activity that generate overwhelming self satisfaction. We think scrupulously before giving away to others the money and materials we earn and acquire. If they are given without a second thought we feel proud of it. If you serve the people without any expectations that is Godly service. But if you give a life by donating blood at the crucial times that is ineffable service to the mankind.

There are many apprehensions about donating blood among many people, it leaves the donor with weak body. The given blood can not be recouped. But here awareness is to be spread to all. Even if a small injury cause the bleeding we become panic, but draining out three hundred ml of fresh blood from our body is something we couldn't dared to think off. But after such noble activity we will get Devine feeling of what the Almighty has made us with the ingredients we have shared with others.

"Therefore if you are Healthy donate Blood to the needy, you can become life saviour."


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