Love Is God's Beautiful Gift

By Sonia Kaur • June 11, 2016

Love cannot be explained. It is a feeling which connects everybody. A family lives together because of love in them. Gardner look after the plants because of love, a man earns money for his family because of love, a mother gives birth to a child after bearing so much pain and raises his children because of love and moreover this is the love which connects two persons even if they are living miles apart. If love didn't exist, the world would not exist as well. There is a love and humanity which binds a country together.

Love means care, sacrifices, spirit of giving, compromises and everything is done happily. You forget yourself in love for your loved one. Love is a nature of law. A beautiful grace of God. You can find God only with love. With love your enemies become your friend. You cannot imagine the power of love. When medicine stop working on a patient than love heals.

According to me, the most beautiful love is of old age love when two people have nothing but the company of each other. No money, no business only and only love and care for each other.

A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love. Max Muller.

So very true A man cannot live without love. We all get true love in our life but lucky person keeps it, hide it and unlucky person lose it and then repent. You can only get love by spreading love in abundance.

I have seen many people who love unconditionally but fail to express or shy to express. It is very easy to express by giving gifts, showing thier presence in the time of need, Spending time together, by phone call, listening etc. There are plenty of things to put into a relationships to make it healthy.

So beautifully said by lord budha "You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection".

We always ignore ourself for the sake of others and left heartbroken. Spreading love in the cost of our own self is bad. God has sent us into this world to love and to be loved. Your body is a temple of god your soul is a part of God. Ignoring yourself means ignoring God's property.

Love is such a nice feeling that animal also understand and respond. Love can be felt. With love plants become healthy and grow faster. Love is a positivity. With ─║ove you can control the whole world because every body is facing the same problem like yours. Lack of Love.

Love means spirit of giving. How? God has given us a body to live in, air to breath, A mother takes of his toddler, trees gives us shed, flowers give us fragrance, at free of cost. So it is our duty to respond to them by planting a tree, respecting our parents and to love God by loving his creations and taking care of nature. We always complaint nobody loves us. Ok now ask how many of us has given love without expectations. Love is an inside job first you have to give then you start receiving back. Fill someone's life full of love and then see the change in your life. What you want in your life then first give it. We sow the seeds of unwholesome deeds and expect good fortune.

Love is the basic root of harmony and peace. The person full of love is peaceful. A hug full of love can calm down an angry man. Love is God, love has a healing power, love can change the world, in short you can't define love properly and if try to then words are limited to define and love is beyond the words.

Before writing about love I have taken my people opinions and most of them said it cannot be defined its a feeling, understanding of 2 people, love can be seen in the eyes, its a lifetime commitment, one soul and two bodies...... and best answer according to me was "stupidity for the broken hearted a great feeling for the one's who have it and just a word to who doesn't want to understand".

I have read in a book 'Power of thought' if you want to achieve something then first achieve in you thoughts. I mean to say always think thoughts of giving love. Imagine that you are loving your family, animals, plants, birds, friends, relatives etc. When you accomplish in your thoughts then your actions automatically converts into the actions of giving love and your life start blossoms. For practicing thoughts full of love you need a steadfast mind and proper affirmation. I bet you will feel a change within 1 or 2 days.

I hope you like it. Any queries please post in a comment.

All the best, God bless you and love you all.


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