A Morning In May

By Joseph J. Mazzella • June 6, 2016

It was a morning in late May. The clouds had cleared from the rain of the night before. The sky was blue and the sun was smiling its golden grin upon the earth. The trees in the woods were now covered in light green leaves. Some of the birds were still singing their morning songs but many were too busy searching for food for their newly hatched chicks. There was a hint of the warmth the afternoon would bring but the air was still cool, fresh and clean. Even my aging beagle seemed delighted by it all and bounced around like a puppy taking in the thousand scents of Spring. As I walked him I felt a joyfulness in my own heart. It felt like Mother Nature herself was giving me a hug. I could feel the love of God all around me and within me as well. I breathed in deep and smiled at the morning before heading back inside.

That smile was still on my face when I walked into my bathroom and looked in the mirror but I noticed something else was there too. I had a white spot on the very tip of my nose. It was of all things a pimple. The very sight of it on my 49 year old face made me laugh out loud. Then when I popped it the white spot was replaced with a red one. This made me laugh even harder. It was so silly and I looked ridiculous. Still, it didn’t subtract one bit from my joy on that wondrous May morning. It added to it instead.

It is joy that holds this universe together. It is joy that we all want out of life. Joy comes to us when welcome God’s love into our hearts, souls, and lives. Joy grows when we share our own love with others as well. Joy appears whenever we cease to fear, to hate, to judge, or to complain. And joy travels the fastest when carried on the wings of laughter. May you fill all of your days with joy then. May you find joy and bring joy wherever you go. May you make your entire life here as bright and as beautiful as a morning in May.


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