Chain Of Righteousness

By Michael Acera • June 5, 2016

Once upon a time, there was a boy who always like to listen to his mother's story about the legend of the statue standing besides their humble house. The statue's name was Miriad, he was a legend of righteousness in that very village where the boy lives. The statue of Miriad is being preserved to be a model of the rising generations and to symbolize the greatness of their village. People who walk by the statue give their respect through bowing themselves in front of Miriad's statue. It became tradition in their village that every man who died honorably will be glorified as Miriad the legend, through sculpting their names on the statue's body and will imprint there as long as the earth stands. The boy wondered how Miriad gain so much respect and honor from the villagers. One night He asked his mother about the subject to answer his questions about the legend Miriad and how he gained his glory from the people of this village. ''He was just a simple and upright man," the mother was saying. ''He served his fellow selflessly, putting others first as priority before his,'' she added. ''Well, I can also do that,'' the boy proudly told his mother. ''That is the reason why they made Miriad a statue, for you children to emulate and not to forget.'' the mother counseled.

One morning the boy saw a crying orphan about his age standing under a mango tree. ''What is the reason of your weeping?'' the boy asked. ''I am hungry and weary. I was trying to get myself some fruit from this mango tree and suddenly I fall on the ground.'' the orphan was explaining. ''Let me do it for you'', the boy smilingly uttered. He started to climb up the tree and take its fruits as much as he could. After a while, the boy went down from the tree and gave all the mangoes to the orphan. The orphan did not expect the boy's kindness to him. ''Thank you very much,'' he said. ''No worries,'' the boy responded. ''Who taught you to climb a tree?'' asked the orphan. ''Miriad taught me.'' He answered. Then the boy walked away with his dream that someday his name will be written on the statue of Miriad the legend.

Moral: If we strive to live righteously, we will sculpt a wonderful statue in the heart of the next generation leaving them partly, because our righteous actions will continue to be with them, forever and ever and will not be forgotten.


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