By C M Reddy • May 29, 2016

"Anger is our inner Enemy which makes us to fall down from Peaceful living"

Though it is a natural human emotion, many of the times its exposition proved to be counterproductive. We have to taste the bitterness of its consequences in the form of repentance or retaliation by other on whom we exhibit our anger.

I could not write the feel good stories of love, kindness, compassion which makes the readers to have wonderful feeling of our human life and God's grace. But I am interested in writing about managing Human emotions and their related stories which throw a light that brightens the path towards Happy living.

Anger emanates from disappointed , discouraged and hurting mind. Usually right from the childhood we feed our minds with certain likes and dislikes of our own choices. When things go against our choices or something undesirable happens suddenly we get angry. Not only that when we have the common perception of all the things are under our control and all things could be done according to our whims, if anything that occurred against to our estimation, then the "ego" of our mind don't accept the natural truth and the feeling of hurt overtake on our discrimination or the judging quality, so causes the upsurge of Anger.

Whatever may be the causes, the words we speak in rage and the actions we indulge in the anger, those leave a permanent scar on others physicaly and emotionally. Sometimes the anger results in irreparable damage on our lives if not controlled. Many people argue that, why should we hide our anger and to behave diplomatic before others, later this kind of behaviour will have personal side effects. Yes we shall not hide or suppress our anger as long as it doesn't hurt others. There is a saying in Sanskrit " Uttamah Kshana kopasyath" means, good people have anger of negligible time period and they forget their unhappiness or irritation easily. But the anger in hideous would take its serious ramifications, it seize away our sleep and endanger the health.

There is a theory that goes against the anger, whenever we got angry the internal life energy takes the negative or darker shade and the whole life force has to be focussed in our furious emotion to abuse or slander the others. This entire energy would be grasped effortlessly by the targeted person if he receives the burning emotion with a pleasant smile.

There is a story of Buddha to put a check on the emotion of anger. "Once Buddha was travelling along with his disciples and halted under the shade of huge tree near a village. As the news spread like wildfire all over the area, all the villagers gathered before Buddha for blessings. One surly man was observing all these couldn't control his temper out of jealous came before Buddha and started to blame and scold for his incapacity and making the people unworthy fools. He added that Buddha was a thief who wants to plunder the hard earned food and possessions of people with his sweet lies. Buddha smiled over the words of that man asked, when you bring a precious gift by spending money to present to a person and if that person doesn't accept your gift what happen to the gift. The bad tempered man said the precious gift if not accepted it would be with the man who brought it. Then Buddha replied with cool smile, here I am not accepting your gift of words what you uttered, so they are with you. Later the man crawl down before Buddha for his wrong deed.

Here I just want you to search the source of Anger which steal our mental peace. It is suggested to accept the unacceptable, allow the undesirable people to go in their own way and don't try to reform them to the extent that they do not harm the people and disturb the social harmony. It is better to bear in mind that everyone has their own desires and choices, we cannot control their activities. The main source for anger is that, if the desires are not fulfilled or the jealous about others growth and development. Here the anger should be harnessed in a positive way to concentrate on our personal endeavour to grow and develop beyond our mentors.

When we think about others our energies are wasted and our actions proved to be unproductive, while we concentrate on our personal growth and reform , sure we will be at top


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