Losing And Gaining

By Sanchitkhera • May 16, 2016

Life is all about things that are lost and things gained. You lose your time, you gain sympathy, and you lose your senses. You enjoy things when you lose yourself, and you gain things when you’re lost deeply in something you love. Losing and gaining are simply two sides of a coin, and they go back and forth just like a pendulum. You can’t see, think about, or even image a world where there is only winning and no losing. See, winning implies that there are winners and losers. Hence the identity of a winner is largely defined by a loser’s existence. A child gets 90% in her grades and feels happy, because the median was 75%.

A life where only things are gained, like love, romance, money, culture, society, are all things that entertain the mind until we realize their futility. Life is meant as a way to enjoy life, and not focus on short term gains and loses as something to hold onto until you naturally pass on.


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