In The Car With Mom

By Joseph J. Mazzella • August 19, 2013

I was both excited and a little scared my first day of Kindergarten. The large classroom was full of books and toys, two things that I loved. But it was also full of kids all larger than me. Because my birthday was in late September I was allowed in at only 4 years old, and this meant that I was destined to be the smallest kid in my class until 7th grade.

I think that my Mom sensed I was a little afraid. That was why she was always there to pick me up right after school when I could have easily rode the bus. I would hop in the front seat next to her and tell her all about my day. Sometimes we would even read a book and wait until all the cars and buses had left before we drove home. I cherished those special times when I had my Mom all to myself. I felt so safe and peaceful when we sat in the car together. Beginning the new challenge of school didn't seem so difficult when I knew that I could talk about it with her. Being a tiny, little kid in a big scary world wasn't so bad either. I knew that my Mom loved me and that was all I needed to be loving, joyful, and strong.

As I look back on those happy times I can see now that they also prepared me for another special relationship that I would find later in life. All those times I spent talking to and being with my Earthly Mother helped me to later open my heart to my Heavenly Father. Her beautiful love led me to His. Her comforting arms guided me to His. Her gentle spirit took me to His. Even after she left this world far too soon, I could still feel her love flowing down from Heaven along with His.

The next time that this world seems too scary or hard then don't run away. Instead invite God into the car of your soul, close the doors, and spend some time alone together. If you do you will know that you are loved. If you do you too will become loving, joyful, and strong.


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