An Angel Sent From God - Dai Mom Mom

By Glory Fu • April 28, 2016

As a student in America, I frequently encountered difficult times that made it harder for me to keep moving on. I desperately cried to God for His help, and He provided a special angel- Dai Mom Mom. Thanks to her, I experienced the mercy and love of God. More than that, I felt loved and valued, and regained my inner strength to go on. Even though this story took place more than two decades ago, I have never forgotten the many acts of kindness she did for me.

In my twenties, I went far from home to study at TWU in America. Due to limited financial resources from my parents, I worked part-time on campus to pay my bills. In addition, I did housecleaning every Friday for an American family. If I was lucky enough, I could occasionally babysit a child for extra money. Like most poor people, I had to be careful with every penny I spent, from food and clothing to rent and transportation. Because of a tight grocery budget, I couldn't afford to buy fish, beef or certain other nutritious foods. Due to an imbalanced diet, I would easily feel weak and listless. As soon as Dai Mom Mom realized that I was encountering financial hardships, she lovingly invited me to her home for dinner every Friday and weekend. In addition, whenever it was time to return home, she would always prepared me with some homemade dessert or home-cooked food to take home. Her kind actions, like the seeds of love planted in my heart, profoundly changed my life. In particular, there was one event that I will always remember.

One early evening, while I was walking out of the library, I felt my blood sugar running low. I started to feel dizzy, and my hands started to shake a little. Searching my pockets, I found that I only had a few dollars left. I was dying for a free and tasty dinner. Without a second thought, I quickly headed for Dai Mom Mom’s home, rather than go back to my apartment. As I got to the door, Dai Mom Mom immediately noticed my fatigue. She seated me at the dining table, and before long, a plate of food was set before me on the table. “Have dinner. Don’t make yourself work so hard,” she said to me with a nice smile. Staring at the meat, vegetables, and fish on my plate, I suddenly felt so pampered that tears started welling up in my eyes, rolling down on my face, and dripping to the food on the plate. I gobbled up all the food with indescribably bittersweet feelings.

To be specific, during that period of time, my extremely tight financial difficulties only allowed me $10 for my weekly groceries. So, when the meal was brought to me, it was just like a Christmas gift from Heaven; to this day, I remember it as the best and most delicious dinner that I have ever had. Not only did the food satisfy my physical hunger, but it also deeply filled my spirit with genuine love. As Jesus said,” whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” Dai Mom Mom was an angel sent by God to be my guardian. She came by my side, not for a day, not for a month, but for many years. Because of her, I know God is the true God who delivered me out of helplessness. Most importantly, because of her, I have now become a person who can pass her love along to others in need of help or support.

In January of 2015, Dai Mom Mom peacefully passed away. She was my best ever cross-generational friend, and I miss her terribly. Right here, I would like to sincerely use this letter to express my best gratitude to her. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you Dai Mom Mom.

Please pass her love forward.


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