Life's Biggest Lesson

By Sonia Kaur • April 27, 2016

One small mistake changed Sonia's life. Now she is attentive and try not to miss any opportunity. Whenever she thinks about a boy who needed little money, she gets upset because Sonia had money and she could have helped him but why didn't she help him?

Innocent face of the boy who wanted to buy colors but could not because of lack of little money. He got upset looked at money in Sonia's hand but Sonia ignored him and came back home. Sonia didn't realise his need. After reaching home she told everything to his brother Gur. Gur told Sonia that God had given you an opportunity to help a needy with very little money but you missed that chance. May be God was testing you, may be today would have become your big day of your life. You should have given him money. You can't imagine how much needy he might be? May be that boy was a surprise package for Sonia but she missed that package because of just little ignorance. Surprises come into our life silently, we have be attentive all the time to grab them.

Sonia rushed back to that shop to see that boy but time never wait for someone and never return. Sonia got disappointed and returned home, continuously getting angry at her own self that how could I be so rude, I wish god send him again so I could help him. Why it didn’t come into her mind what Gur has realised. “Chances are anywhere else, all you need to do is to grab them because they don't always show up --Carl Lomer Abia. Now what Sonia has missed the chance now she can only repent.

On that day Sonia learnt a biggest lesson in her life. Not only Sonia but many of us miss the chance of helping little because we run after big. We want big opportunities, more money, big dreams, big happiness etc. We forget about little. Big opportunities do come but not everyday. So practice little one so that you can't miss big one. Little opportunities are everywhere.

Sonia also used to wait for big opportunities but now she knows that with little she can make big changes in her life.


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