The New Beginning

By Pinky • April 24, 2016

How much it takes to give away wings to sometime to fly with liberty? I felt the same bliss when I helped few women start their second innings after their kids grow up! It takes a lot of stamina to step out of home n set a new destiny after your kids hAve grown up. She was the one who gave her entire life raising her twin boys n a girl. She never complained but did her karma. She spent sleepless nights to give comfort to her kids. And when the kids grew up she realized the empty life n heart she was left with. That's when I met her. Sometimes we just become an agent a mirror to show people what they are worthy of. It took 5 good years to make her realise she can do it. She can step out n learn n then teach. Today she's a successful yoga instructor in her 40s. Feel proud to have made the difference.


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