Dedicated To A Wonderful Man

By Azumdialu • April 20, 2016

I wake up thinking of you and I do the same as I drift off to sleep at night. Everyday I find one new thing that makes loving you a blessing. Although I don't say it as often as I should, I want you to know I love you with all my heart. No matter what you are going through, and no matter where life takes you, I'll remain your number one fan because, you've made me happier, content and beautiful. I'm sorry for all the times I offloaded my problems on you, not knowing the full picture of what you were going through as well. You listened to me, held me and encouraged me to work things out if doing so will make me happy. Most people make their happiness their priority but you made mine yours, by being there for me in my difficult time and situation. Even after all you heard and have seen, you still find time for us, and you make it awesome. No wonder I'm addicted to you. I just want to assure you that you mean the world to me Hun, and nothing is ever going to change that. Thank you for accepting me as I am, for being my friend and the best companion any woman can ask for. You are truly sent from heaven.


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