By Joseph J. Mazzella • April 20, 2016

After battling health problems for over two years my son’s beloved cat, Dusty passed away. I held her in my arms as she breathed her last breath and with a heavy heart carried her gently up to the woods behind our home to bury her.

As the days passed it seemed strange not hearing my son, JJ talking to Dusty in his room. He handled her loss better than me, though. His beautiful, simple, childlike faith accepted that she was in Heaven and that he would see her again one day. Still, he longed to have another cat of his own again. I decided to rescue one then from a local animal shelter as soon as I could. God, however, had other plans, because the very next day I got a message from a friend looking for a home for a six month old female cat named Sassy.

I agreed to take her in and my friend and I met up on a sunny afternoon. Sassy was a long haired grey and white cat with a personality that didn’t match her name. She was shy, sweet, lovable, and extremely laid back. She took to JJ right away and spends all of her time in his room napping in the sunlight through the window, and soaking up the love and attention my son showers on her. She has happily accepted her new role in life of sharing purrs, meows, and caring cuddles with my son. I think that Our Heavenly Father was waiting for just the right moment to bring her into our family and I thanked Him for doing so.

We are all connected in this life. We are all one family. We are all one world. Strands of our love go out from heart to heart and soul to soul. God sees them all, guides them all, and weaves them all into a glorious tapestry of light beyond our ability to fully see. Take your part in the tapestry then. Share your love. Share your joy. Share your light. Help God to make this world a brighter place for cats, dogs, and people everywhere.


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