By Azumdialu • April 20, 2016

Life is short and unpredictable. So the most sensible way to live, is to seek God's guidance constantly by following his instructions on loving each other, and living peacefully. These should help us make the best of what life has to offer.

"To always be thankful for life" should be our primary goal, and to enjoy it with all its ups and downs, pain and suffering. When life serves you lemons, sit down and make lemonade. It's as simple as that. And while you are at it, think of others in similar situation. Be grateful because, someone else is in a worse situation, and unable to make their own lemonade. In other words, accept difficulties in good faith and make the best out of the situation. When good fortune comes your way, share with the less privileged and bring some happiness into people's lives, without expecting anything in return. There's nothing better than being remembered for our good deeds, after we've gone to our maker or when we are unreachable.

When you love, love with all your heart, but when you are "in love" do the same, say it and show it in your daily activities. Find little subtle ways of showing your significant other that you love him/her, and they mean the world to you. Make this your daily priority because nobody is guaranteed tomorrow. The good thing in doing so is that, our children will see this attitude towards others and learn to do the same, hopefully our grandchildren too. If we all start this attitude now, it could spread all over the world and bring an end to the global hatred we are living in. Hopefully in our lifetime, we'll get to see the making of that paradise we all hope to live in one day. But it has to start with us learning to love ourselves first, and each other one day at a time.

Make no excuse or time for unnecessary quarrels but if its unavoidable, end it peacefully immediately, whether you are right or wrong, but do learn from the experience. Do not harbor anger, hatred and resentment because, it's bad for the body and soul. Always remember this, "do not let the sun go down in your anger, so that the devil will not gain a foothold in your life". Discuss issues cordially and truthfully without malice, and show maturity in your thought process and communication.

Make time to enjoy each other's company but most importantly, enjoy life with genuine love and happiness for others, so you'll always be remembered.


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