Grow Inner Side

By C M Reddy • April 19, 2016

"Grow inner side" to achieve and realise your long cherished Dream. You may fail umpteen number of times in your trails and efforts, but don't give up till your dream is visualised in reality before your eyes.

The troubles and difficulties in every life is common phenomenon, without a single drop of sweat from your body and without paining your nerves for a moment the success will not come to you.

The Hardships and Problems in human life usually come only to reinvent yourself or to explore the other side of your abilities. As humans generally we anticipate always to be at comfortable and luxurious phase without any worries, so that we would be happy always. But living at the same emotion or at the same phase of life would result in boredom, life becomes tasteless and vigour less. The physical growth will happen in our body, again it deteriorates in the aging process. But we have to grow internally, the growth in our abilities and capacities to overcome the difficulties, the growth in our intelligence to design the best strategies to move forward to the success point, finally the growth in our inner strength to keep away all our negative emotions which hinder our personal improvement.

The happiness and joy keep you at elated state where you forget yourself, you forget your talents and you would be oblivious of your real energies. But the distress and pain of failure throw you deep inside yourself where you could explore your innate and unique abilities and talents that could be made useful for your huge inner growth. Then you start reinvigorate yourself in the outside world.

"Unless you know and touch the abysmal point of your life, you can not see or reach the zenith of the sky of your successful life"

To impress you upon with this point, I want to compare it with a life cycle of a rare species of bamboo called "Chinese Bamboo." The seeds of Chinese bamboo when they are sown in the soil and nourish them with water and other fertilisers, in the first year you don't find any seed sprouting, in the second year also there would be no sign of seed germination and in the third, fourth years also there would be no remnants of hope for plant growth. But in the fifth year when it started to show the plant germination , it shows the unimaginable exponential growth to grow to the height of 80 feet in a small period of six weeks. How this wonder is possible without an appropriate vigorous growth of the roots inside the soil to sustain the tremendous out growth. Also the seeds during germination, would accumulate all the nourishment and design the biochemical reactions necessary for the growth explosion.

Same is true for the growth of the human individuals when they are discouraged by difficulties and troubles on their way to successful life.

We have to dive into ourselves to explore and gather all the unique capacities and energies for the inner growth which elevates us to the highest level in our lives.


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