The Conqueror

By SpecialistineJoy • April 7, 2016

Do you encounter problem in your way? For example at your work, you're boss does not recognize your hard works and when you commit mistake she/he easily point it on your face. Another example is as a student, no matter how hard you study your lesson before your exam yet you still fail. I think it's the way of life saying you are not here on Earth to just simply live.

Life is full of challenges, full of excitement, full of anger, full of despair and so on. They say your life is what you make it. I disagree to that. Your life is made even before you are born. Every decision you made today or in the past, God has a control on it. It is not your decision, it is God's will. It is trusting God over a problem or a trial. A true Conqueror is a person who Trust in the Lord (John 14:1) even before he/she facing any trials in life. Jesus died on the cross to give us our salvation, we are not worthy for His love nor His grace but because of the mercy of the Lord He gave His only begotten Son (John 3:16). Let us not waste our time doing the wrong things. The One who conquers the grave deserve to be praise. Let us live like Jesus. Let us be a Conqueror!


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