The Compassion Of A Fellow Mother Has Changed Me

By Texas Crazy Curls • April 7, 2016

My teenage son was with a new friend the other day when the friend decided to steal a bike from the junior high. Even though my son didn't aid in the theft of the bike he is still guilty by association. The mother of the boy that's bike was stolen has showed nothing but absolute grace and forgiveness. She didn't press any charges even after the fact the other boy tried to spray paint the bike. In her text to me she told me that she doesn't want our boys to have a criminal record for a momentary lapse of judgement. I let her know that I was so ashamed because I thought I raised my son better than this. She gave ME words of encouragement and to not be down on myself.

I'm not really sure why I'm sharing this. Maybe just to encourage others to spread love and not hate, compassion and not judgement. Due to the kindness this mother has shown my son and myself I will absolutely change the way I view situations in the future.


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