The Benefits Of Saying The Two Words 'Good Morning'

By Winner Heart :3 • April 1, 2016

After the Easter week of vacation I returned to my morning routine of doing exercise, merely jogging at the area near in out boarding house early in the morning around 5:00 A.M. After one hour I returned to the house to have rest again, so what I did is open my Cellphone and posted on my status "Good Morning people."

What I said is just a greeting without a purpose I just want to greet, nothing more. Then the next day I did the same I woke up early and go to the place where I did jogging, the thing that amaze me is everyone I met on the road greets me good morning from the sidewalk vendor till the guard of the supermarket where I run since it has the big area. I just smiled at them and ask myself why at the same day a lot of people greeted me, they were not my friends on facebook or maybe because they always see me in the morning, or just want to catch my attention.

Then I came out of realization that it's a message from God, He wants me to know and share that even in small thing of kindness we did it will returns back to you. Maybe not now,today, tomorrow but in His time and timing.

Spread love and you will receive love, that by giving you are the one who benefits more.


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