Inseparable Love

By Treasure Hollis • March 28, 2016

The golden rays of light cast through the window awakening me from my slumber. I arise from my covers and walk down the stairs. The cold hardwood floor sends shivers through my body as I walk down the hall. I approach the pillar in the corner of the living room and peek at my grandmother. Her long gray hair with subtle auburn streaks covers her face. She hears me and raises her head.

"Audrey is that you?" Grandmother questioned.


"What are you doing awake at this time. Its breaking dawn."

"I don't know, I just decided to get up. What are you doing?"

"Ohh nothing, just looking at pictures."

I spot a picture of Grandfather, he looks pretty young maybe early twenties.

"Ohh he was so handsome and charming."

"Grandma I don't know If i ever asked, but how did you and grandpa meet?"

A smile appears on grandmothers faces and she lights up with joy. She walks over and sits in her antique mahogany rocking chair. I sit on the rug beneath her, adhere to every word that comes from her.

"Well It was a very long time ago the summer of '42 to be exact, I was a bit older than you, about fifteen. But things were a lot different then. I was crazy for Frank Sinatra my mother bought me a record I played that record all day and night."

I begin to laugh along with grandmother.

"I remember I'd just gotten a pair of new saddle shoes, I loved my blue ones. We even used to autograph each others shoes! We wore dresses and skirts and ankle socks just typical teenagers at the time. Oh dear I'm getting off topic aren't I?"

"Well yes, but your information was amusing." I inform.

"Well anyway I met your grandfather In the summer of that year. I'd never seen him around so I was intrigued by him.I thought he was quite handsome and I knew I would make a fool of myself If I was anywhere near him!"

"So he spoke to you?" I ask.

"Oh no, our friends actually did. They all wanted to do triple dates but he was with another girl and that really upset me that I had to go with another boy.We went to the diner nearby and then to the movies. The dates were fun but I wasn't really into it. Charlie, my date, asked to walk me home but I declined so I just walked by myself. Then I heard footsteps long after he left. It was a boy, no other than your grandfather trying to spook me but it didn't work."

"Oh I should've known!" I say with a smile.

"He just walked with me down the street, it was a little awkward just walking in silence. But then he said to me, how are you doing. I thought that was a little weird we had been walking for about five minutes now and he just asked me how am I!" grandmother says with a humorous tone.

"I was to shy to reply back though, I was acting a little stubborn. Cat got your tongue, he joked. I said no and that I just didn't want to talk to him. He said okay and that he would leave, but I didn't want him to. He walked a few steps and I told him wait. He paused and turned back to me. So you don't want me to leave is it? I told him I wouldn't say that. Oh I was so naive!" She says smiling the whole time through.

"He walked me all the way to my door and just simply left."

"Just like that, he just-----left?" i question.

"Oh I felt the same way, like why did he just leave like that he could've said goodbye!"

We both share a laugh in relation.

"After that we just seemed to connect with each other strangely. We were always with each other, we could rely on each other for anything, but I didn't tell him how I felt about him after two whole years. I thought we were inseparable until the day I found out he was leaving for the war."

"What war grandma?"

"World War Two. It was a very big deal the U.S, needed all the help we could get so they drafted as young as sixteen."

"Ohh yeah World War two was the worst."

"Yes, that's why I did everything In my power to stop him. But he was so headstrong on him going to fight for our country, no matter what I said could stop him. On the day of his deployment he wrote me the most wonderful poem about love. I didn't think I was so in love with him until that poem."

"That's so sweet."

"When he was gone I was really kept to myself. I didn't even talk to a boy, I only had eyes for your grandfather.I worried about him morning noon and night. But I couldn't even bare to think of him dying. I remember In the fall in '44 the radio announce that the war was over the nazis surrendered. Everyone was happy for the re-deployment, brothers husbands boyfriends everyone was coming back---- except for your grandfather. My worries began to build with each day, then week then month. I remember just breaking down and crying that night because I believed he had truly died. There was knock on my window which alarmed me. To my complete surprise It was your grandfather! I was so happy to see him I engulfed him In a warm hug. He was soaking wet because it was raining cats and dogs outside. I ask him what he was doing there. He told me that those were the longest two years of his life, and that he thought about me every night. He said that he wasn't sure about his future and! that he didn't know too much about anything, but he knew he had a future and I had to be in it. Then he dropped down on one knee and proposed.

I cover my hands and gasp. "Oh Grandma how romantic!"

"It was very, I knew I loved him more than anythings in the world so I had to say yes. We shared a blissful kiss and hugged with joy. Our parents though we were too young so we eloped and that's how our life all began."

"Oh Grandma you're going to make me cry."

"I want to every time I think about him It's only been a year. I miss him dearly but I know that he wouldn't want me to cry. I still think that we are inseparable because even though he's not on Earth anymore he's always in my heart." grandmothers says sincerely.

I give my grandmother a hug unlike any other, the kind of long warm hug that you don't want to let go of.


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